This part aims at illustrating key aspects of the Anthropocene through commented photos classified into different themes, which are of course fundamentally linked.

An effective way to realize what is the Anthropocene is to look at photos of the Earth taken from space. The emission of light by human activity on a large part of the Earth's surface is a good indicator of the huge place human activities hold on this planet.

The photos then aim at illustrating different facets of human activity that have essential contributions to the Anthropocene.

The extraction of natural resources is the primordial process of the economy and more generally of human activity. These resources are primarily fossil fuels, but not only: living beings, minerals, water... All resources are concerned.

The transformation of natural resources then takes place, especially in different industries, to produce consumable goods and services.

The extraction and the transformation of natural resources depend on energy, which is of primordial importance in our power of transformation, in particular because it allows to run the millions of machines that are working for us. This energy is primarily that obtained from fossil sources, but also that drawn from hydraulic power, wind, sun, nuclear fission, etc.

The production of material goods and energy from the extraction and the transformation of natural resources is at the basis of all aspects of human activity: urbanization, transport, information and communication technologies or agriculture are some aspects of human activity linked to the massive exploitation and transformation of natural resources (and therefore to an abundant and cheap energy) and that in turn increase the strength of our impact on this planet.

Photos of the Anthropocene

Commented photos to illustrate key aspects of the Anthropocene